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Featured Posts not showing up on main index
  • I'm not sure why, but the category I've selected to be the "Featured Posts" item is not showing up on the main post index. Any other category is, just not the featured post category.

    Even if I include two categories, it shows up on featured posts but not the main index.

    I've kludged around it by posting things twice - once using the featured category and one under "uncategorized" but that throws off the "Recent Posts" box.

    Any ideas why?
    The site is http://www.betterbeachwoodschools.com
    The home page is a static page
    The main index is under "Blogs / Articles"

    - Leon Adato
  • As far as I know it's a design choice, it's meant to be like that. Why would you want to have the same post duplicated on the same page ?

    Anyway the beauty of Presswork is that is veeery flexible so if you still want it to be this way you just drag another Featured Posts widget to the "Top Main Content on Index" area.. et voilĂ  !
    image PressWork Support Moderator