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How do I Create Pages with Categorized Static Links ?
  • I'm having problems creating a navigational layout that I desire on my current website:
    http://Toolbox-4-Websites.com .

    What I don't understand is whether I should use the WP menu system, page setup, one-or-several plugins, OR Presswork's front-end editor, OR Briefcase to accomplish my goal. What I'm trying to accomplish is separate pages of categorized, static links that currently reside in my right sidebar. On each page, I want to display 3 columns of sub-categories, with the links that belong to each of those sub-categories.

    I have three problems: the first is that the only categories that the menu system allows me to create on pages....are those of Posts (I want a list of Static Link Categories....not the Posts). Secondly, if a current viewer clicks on the main pages (and not a drop-down category) they get a blank page. Thirdly, I'm not sure that I want drop-down menus in my navigational header anyway......I was thinking just a direct link to that page.

    Here's a website that is something like what I'm after:
    http://equinenewstoday.com/. The problem with their site, is that each page only has that one category......no subheadings with separate lists of static links. Is it possible to cut portions of another website's template and paste it into PressWork's page setup ?

    Someone please click on my site; try the navigational links; and offer any advice or ideas that you can come up with.

    Thank You
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  • cestbibicestbibi
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    I would advise you to post your question to the wordpress help forum, because this is not Presswork specific and has to do with general Wordpress configuration. It seems to me that you'll have to dig in several plugins to try to achieve what you need.
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  • cestbibi,

    Thank you for your advice. I posted a similar copy of my request to WordPress.org yesterday, on Sunday. I am looking for answers wherever I can find them.