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Posts are not appearing correctly
  • Hi,

    I touched on this within another thread but here goes.

    The website I am working on - http://www.orangedns.co.uk/~pepperit/ (temp URL), has a static home page and a redirected blog page.

    The blog page is showing one post, however there is more than one post (as shown in the sidebar widget).

    I have found that if I create a few test posts, the older posts begin to show as they are pushed a long?

    Many Thanks,
  • As far as I know (Devs correct me) The Featured Posts Widget serves the purpose of highlighting some category you want to promote.

    When you select a category to be displayed in your Featured Posts widget, Presswork will pull-out this selected category from the loop of your blog (I think this is to avoid having the same posts twice on the same page).
    While this is convenient in a blog page, it is obviously a problem when having a static page and redirected blog, like yours.

    A solution is not to use the Featured Posts widget, and use the default Recent Posts widget instead, so you could still have your blog posts showing on the sidebar of your static page, or if you want something more flexible and still have control over what should be displayed, have a look at this great plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/query-posts/
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • apeppit said:

    Hi Cestbibi,

    I appreciate the speedy response however it is not the widget that I wish to change, it is the page itself.

    The blog page - www.pepperit.com/blog (now the domain has been transfered) needs to show all of the posts. The widgets in effect is irrelevant, they just need to show what's happening from the front page, so they can be enticed.

    From a quick google search of the site, it seems the blog is being posted here?




    Ignore that! I understand what you meant now cestbibi, my fault!

    Many thanks, I appreciate it.

    Question answered.
    Post edited by apeppit at 2011-10-26 07:21:53