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Sidebars on a "Page"?
  • Whay do not sidebars show on "Page"? They show fine on "Post"! I need to set a "Page" to be my startpage, but i can´t do this because I have to have the sidebars there.
  • Edit your page and make sure that the Layout Box (Bottom right) is set on "Default".
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  • It is set on default, but it still doesn´t work. Alternative is full width and that doesnt bring the sidebars either.
  • Well, it should appear then as you can see in the demo http://demos.presswork.me/parent-page/ . Are you using a special template for this page ? also please check these guidelines http://support.presswork.me/discussion/169/read-this-before-you-post-a-question#Item_1 to see if it helps.
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  • I did it all that says in "read before you post" except reinstall WP. Wouldn´t that delete some of my work so far?
  • I don't think reinstalling WP will help, since you said you can see your sidebar when viewing posts. It has to be something wrong in your theme settings. Can you show a link to your site ?
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  • www.designes.es
  • 1) Try to get rid of all the widgets and make sure there is no bits of html or code left in your sidebars.
    2) If you re-install WP and keep your database your content will be preserved, but you'll have to start your styling all over again.
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  • Hi again. After the update to latest version of WP and PW I got this problem again:( Please, could you take a look? http://oljestafetten.no/
  • What did cause your problem last time ?
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  • Well, can´t remember:(