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Make theme multilingual compatible?
  • Hello!

    This is a request for version 1.0, I hope you consider it.

    WPML is now the b-e-s-t plugin for making a multilingual site with Wordpress.

    WPML developers are happy to help theme creators their theme compatible with their plugin, as said here:


    "Tell us about your theme and we’ll create a free account for you, so that you can download WPML and participate in our forum. You’ll work directly with WPML’s developers and your theme can be multilingual-ready in a few days."

    Let me know what you think. Thank you!!
  • digibombdigibomb
    This answer was Accepted.
    I do like WPML and have used it on a few projects. At the moment we are relying on WordPress localization by including a .po file. More info http://presswork.me/faq/#theme4
    image Co-Founder of PressWork & Senior Designer/Evangelist
  • Thank you!
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