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Blog Name, Navigation Menu, & Header Images Disappear !
  • Ok,

    I might have done this, but not sure if I'm totally at fault. While trying to add a Second Navigation Menu (I wanted to place it in the left sidebar), it appeared in the PressWork Toolbox as a horizontal menu..........I deleted it by clicking on the upper-right-hand close (x) button. I then tried to move my Primary Horizontal Nav. Menu ABOVE my Header Image. From Top to Bottom, what I was after was: Blog Name, Primary Navigation Menu, and then my Header Image. All looked fine until I hit the save button at the bottom of the PressWork Toolbox.

    After turning off my Drag & Drop Editor......my Blog Name, Nav Menu, and Header Image Disappeared............What happened?

    When I try to reopen my Drag & Drop Editor, I can add my 3 missing items but they won't stay put and set......the editor doesn't show a container around them. Any ideas?

    Here's a link to my Homepage: http://Toolbox-4-Websites.com
    Post edited by Shapeshifter 3 at 2011-11-27 12:44:37
  • Ok, Sorry

    I fixed it......had to shut off my cache to get it to work..........my problem.....not the Framework.
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