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Slideshow breaks in WordPress 3.3
  • I just noticed that the PW - Slideshow widget breaks in WordPress 3.3.
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Yes, there are some broken things with Wordpress 3.3 , this will be solved with PressWork 1.0.4 which is in testing stage and will be out as soon as posible.
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  • Great to hear.

    I did check on my development site if there were any visual errors that would make a mess of my child theme. Didn't see any, but stupid as I sometimes am I didn't see that I hade de-activated the slideshow on the test site. ;)
  • Thank you, please keep reporting if you happen to observe more problems
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Yes the slideshow disappeared on me too :(. I hope we can get it back soon. Thank you so much for working hard to fix this.
  • Yes the PW slideshow disappear on WP 3.3. I need it back as soon as possible. Please, help! :-)
  • Same here. Anybody found any clues?
    @cbavota: got a a release-date guesstimate for 1.0.4? Anything we can do to help out?
    Thx all!
  • Thank you @paul, no release date yet, @cbavota is working on it but if you got coding skills please drop him a mail.
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  • I just downloaded this theme and have this problem. I have coding skills,what can I do? / @cbavota
  • gracias @franciscomesa envíale un mail directamente a ver.
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  • The slideshow issue is due to how WP now arranges the footer scripts. Open up /admin/inc/slideshows.php and make sure that the block at line 24 looks like this:
    $wp_scripts->in_footer[] = 'pw_'.$name.'_js';
    $wp_scripts->queue[] = 'pw_'.$name.'_js';
    $wp_scripts->groups['pw_'.$name.'_js'] = 1;

    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • If I create a new /admin/inc/slideshows.php with these modifications in my child-theme folder, Will that work?
  • No, but don't worry because when you update to 1.0.4 your changes will be lost but it will come fixed anyway in new version
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • I can confirm that that @cbavota’s fix brought the slideswhow back for me. - Saved me from having to revert a multisite installation back to 3.2, so many thanks!
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