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Add More 'Drag-and-Drop' Boxes
  • Hi guys,

    I am wanting to not only be able to move the Main Content Area side to side but to also be able to move individual content types up and down the Main Content Area, for example:

    Imagine there is are three div blocks in the Main Content Area called:

    "Introduction Text"
    "Image Slider"
    "Recent Posts"

    I want to be able to drag them up and down to change the order they are in or even to delete them.

    Does anyone know how to make divs into "Drag-and-Drop" boxes?
  • Well the drag & drop boxes are part of the core functionalities of PressWork so it's not really customisable, I'm not saying it couldn't be achieved but not without modifying the core files.
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Thanks cestbibi,

    I will take a look at the core files and see what I can come up with... I only asked before modify it myself was just in case there was an easy solution someone had already come up with.

    I have another question about the "drag-and-drop" functionality but I guess that I will probably get the same answer...

    I am wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to enable the "drag-and-drop" to have different effects on each main page type, for example:

    If I move the navigation position on the homepage it will not move it in the "categories" or "single" pages.
  • cestbibicestbibi
    This answer was Accepted.
    To my knowledge no code for both customisations you mention has been contributed here.
    If you have the coding knowledge to do this and are willing to contribute you are most welcome.
    image PressWork Support Moderator