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Create an undo button and use built in wp header instead of url link.
  • Something I think would be helpful after using PW for a couple of days is an undo button next to the preview. This would just revert it back to what is already saved. Problem that this would solve is if you preview something you do not know what the prior color was. So if you go to change a different section that other part is still changed, next time you save it, its there for good.

    Header function is messed up and seems easier to just use the WP header instead. The url input for the header image is a step back IMO.
    Post edited by shaun at 2011-08-01 19:30:41
  • Hey @shaun we have definitely considered adding an undo. At the moment you can refresh page without saving or under Settings choose reset.

    In terms of the header image, it's debatable. Some people just want to add a logo and nothing more. I've seen the header image become problematic for many end users. At least with PressWork you have an option, but, it's definitely something to consider for future releases.
    Post edited by cbavota at 2011-08-02 09:16:26
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