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Drag & Drop in 1.0.4
  • Just downloaded the v1.0.4 release candidate on WP3.3.1 and I'm very pleased to see the header disappearing problem is now fixed. There is, however, a minor error with the drag and drop editor. The "handle hand" div is not always appearing on header items. It would appear that it is happening to the 2nd draggable item in the header. The div is there in the code but not showing on screen.
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  • It's not any particular one of them, but always seemed to be the 2nd item no matter which order they were in. I know it's going to be tough to de-bug. I only tested it on Chrome if that's any help.
  • Yes it's difficult to say, the screenshot I put is also on chrome, (Mac)
    thanks for reporting
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  • Here are two screenshots showing the missing handles.
    Missing Primary Nav Menu.PNG
    984 x 667 - 622K
    Missing Widgetized Area.PNG
    984 x 667 - 85K
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  • Have you used any Custom Actions that might have changed the nav menu?
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  • I don't believe so. It has happened on more than one site now.
  • Try updating to version which is now live on WordPress.org.
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