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Width in percentage?
  • I noticed that the width for every element is in pixels for PressWork Layout tool.

    How can I have my header at 100% of the page width?
  • This does not help me much...

    Anyway, I've created a child theme and I've created the style.css file that is required. I was planning to have the body-wrapper at a width of 100% and using absolute positioning. Then, I would have centered the content and the footer.

    I did the following: added '@import url("../presswork/style.css");' to my child theme style.css file as well as added absolute positioning and specifying a 100% width for the body-wrapper. Yet, something seems to overwrite it to 930px.

    Maybe some JavaScript from Presswork is doing this? I am unable to find anything related to the 930px width in the style.css from the Presswork theme...
  • I am aware that I can use !important to overwrite whatever is overwriting my width. Yet, I want to what is going on with the styling.
  • One last thing, I haven't touched the layout with the Presswork toolbox.
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Yes the 930px width is default size as you can see in the Toolbox Layout,

    Make sure your style.css is located to the root of your child theme folder, and put this in it :
    #body-wrapper {width: 100% !important; position: absolute !important; }
    #headerbanner, #footer {width: 100% !important;}


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