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Header not showing up
  • I see other people have had this issue but there does not seem to be a

    solution, first drag and drop don't work and now header and logo don't

    show up even when I hit save over and over. Nothing but problems with this software! Very close to giving up and going another route entirely!
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Manualy install this version with solves all problems about headers and drag&drop:
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Thanks Cestbibi I really do not know how to manually install the new version. When will the version that is compatible with WP 3.3 be available to download from the Presswork Site?
  • Easy, download the file and Upload the presswork folder to your server wp-content/themes/ directory

    Any thoughts @cbavota about why it isn't approved yet by Wordpress ?
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  • photogwaphotogwa
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    I did this and the two issues were resolved, however I noticed the deactivate button in the PressWork admin menu in WP is not there. Looking at the source, the div and anchor tag for the image is there, but there is no image.

    Also, I am now stuck, it seems. The two issues noted above worked at first, but I just enabled drag and drop and it didn't work anymore. Not only that, but none of the buttons on the admin panel (when editing) work, except the save button. When I click, nothing happens. This means I can't make any changes.
  • Well I was able to get everything working again. I noticed that you changed the name of the class that shows the Activate/Deactivate button, so once I refreshed everything it looks like the css file loaded and worked itself out.

    As for nothing working on the admin panel, it looks like it was an conflict with a plug-in I had installed. I forgot I had installed it, so after hours and hours of trying to figure it out, it hit me to disable that plugin.
  • Ok great!, which was the plugin ?
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Hi there

    I'm allso having prob with my header.

    I downloaded the new version here
    I took the zipp file -opened it...took the pressfolder and installed it with FilaZila.
    But it doesn't seem to change my situation with no header on my site.

    Can the prob, be, that when I upload my header gets cropped and then it's called cropped-nameofheader.jpg in the Media library??

    Would love some help.
  • why is it that when I ask a question, it doesn't get addressed?