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Issue updating presswork version
  • Hey,

    I tried downloading the new version 1.0.4 (as a zip file) from the link:


    - and then uploading it into wordpress (version 3.3.1).

    However, this was the message I received when trying to install:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks again,


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  • Make sure you are uploading the presswork folder only (not the folder you unziped)
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Hey cestbibi,

    I haven't been successful.

    I have tried opening the zip file, and then taking out only the "presswork" folder (without the files: README, changelog and changelog-instpress).

    I zipped the "presswork" folder, tried to upload it to wordpress and received the following error message:

    Destination folder allready exists...

    Any ideas?


  • You have to upload it unzipped, (delete the zipped directory you previously uploaded)
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    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • cestbibicestbibi
    This answer was Accepted.
    Also make sure you upload it to the wp-content/themes directory, so in the end your directory path is wp-content/themes/presswork
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    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • Thanks cestbibi!!

    This is a great theme, and you guys have great support as well.

    Keep it up!

  • Hello Bibi,

    Exactly how do you do that? - I'm new at all of this.