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Layout changing when logged out
  • I am finding that my layout is different for users who are logged in vs viewing when not logged in. Essentially, the first sidebar is moving below my content when I'm not logged in (which is how most visitors will see it). I've done quite a bit of inspecting the elements and the only difference I can see (apart from no toolbox) is that main-wrapper is class=ui-sortable when logged in. However, I don't think this is what's causing the problem. All the major elements appear to be the same widths, paddings, and margins.

    I'm using presswork and can recreate the error on chrome, ie & safari.

    I've attached two screenshots of the same site when logged in and out, and if anyone would like to test it themselves, there is a login of username: presswork and password: tester if you can be of any assistance.

    Thanks in advance,
    Logged Out.PNG
    1366 x 736 - 526K
    Logged In.PNG
    1366 x 736 - 532K
  • It is hard for me to figure out since I can only view the site when I am logged in. Have you passed it through the W3C validator?

    Also, you should think about optimizing that background image. It took forever to load.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • Hi - I get the same issue, when editing or viewing (logged out) on my work PC (virtual slice using Citrix) the sidebar appears under the main content - but other users on home PCs etc see the sidebar in the right place
  • Hi Cbavota, I have now removed the "coming soon" plugin so that you can also see it when logged out. Thanks for your help.
  • cbavotacbavota
    This answer was Accepted.
    The problem is that you have some code within the main UL tag that is breaking everything. The CSS removes the margins from the last element in the main UL but you have some code there so it isn't working right. This is the code in your source:
    <input type="hidden" name="cciTcYylMd2z" id="cciTcYylMd2z" />
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function f6TzQWQ0ZbshZ() {
    var o=document.getElementById("cciTcYylMd2z");
    var bJR5bXaYu8oV3 = document.getElementById("submit");
    if (bJR5bXaYu8oV3) {
    var cxW3KuX0bxGeU = document.getElementById("cciTcYylMd2z");
    var pySXTViGVkR86 = bJR5bXaYu8oV3.parentNode;
    pySXTViGVkR86.appendChild(cxW3KuX0bxGeU, bJR5bXaYu8oV3);
    addHandler(bJR5bXaYu8oV3, "mousedown", f6TzQWQ0ZbshZ);
    addHandler(bJR5bXaYu8oV3, "keypress", f6TzQWQ0ZbshZ);

    I suggest removing it or moving it somewhere else since it breaks the layout.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • Thanks for your help. I'll have to find the plugin that is the culprit.
  • I was having the same problem, but only noticed it when I was logged in (usually at home) and when I wasn't logged in (usually at work). I think the culprit plugin was WP Super Cache.