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pw_single_post "missing" since Update
  • Hey everbody!

    Got the following problem: since I updated on v., the pw_single_post function seems to be missing completely in the actions.php. Some months ago, I had the problem, that I wanted to integrate the Facebook-Like-Button and the Google+ Button and all that stuff. At that time, I was referenced to the actions.php, especially the "single_post" section. This section is gone now. If i add the embed-code to the actions.php now (doesn't matter if it's the header or the content-area), the buttons also show up on the homepage again - same problem I had a few months ago. I also want to build a child theme now, but therefore I need to fix it, first...
  • If you open up actions.php and search for pw_single_post you will see that the function has now been replaced by three functions to separate each post into a header, content and footer. Just rewrite one of those elements to include your edits.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • Does it mean my issues about showing only excerpts on the front page are also stemming from this? Can you please advise on how to resolve?
    I posted this as a question over a month ago, but not received any response.
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