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font sizes way off? huge post fonts, tiny posts? I must be doing something wrong?
  • Hi, I'm using Pressworks (I love it!) but out of box, the post fonts are too small for me to see even with strong reading glasses -- and when I change the font-size with the green slider I need an 18px to see the posts comfortably and then the post titles get really huge,
    I know something has to be wrong because I can almost always see text that's10 px with glasses and 12 px without. For example, this site, Presswork.me, looks great, and yet when I look at the demo of Pressworks I have to zoom ... a lot. (although the sidebar text size is pretty good ).
    I thought about changing the stylesheet em values but anything I change it to, the posts are going to be small and their titles huge in relation to each other, no?
    If anybody has any ideas about a solution, I'd be very grateful.
  • Have you tried a different font?
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork