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Double posting of content -- PW
  • It seems that something is amiss. It seems that the_content() is getting posted twice on one of my blogs. If you go here, you can see what I mean:


    The file path and line numbers are due to me adding "print __FILE__ . ':'. __LINE__;" before every the_content() call in my attempt to debug it.
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  • I also confirmed that these are the latest versions of PW and SocialStock. What's more puzzling is that http://christopher.murtagh.name/about/ doesn't have this problem at all, yet it's running the same version of WP, PW and SocialStock on the same server/hardware. (Ignore this, it's wrong - see below)
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  • Ok, it turns out I was wrong about the versions. My other blog was running PressWork 1.0.3 while xopher.ca was running I've now downgraded xopher.ca to 1.0.3 and the problem has gone away. I've attached a screenshot of the problem so that you can have a look.

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  • We re-wrote the post loop in 1.0.4 and that created a bit of an issue in older versions of the child themes. But I guess that now makes mixing and matching new/old themes have issues.
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  • Does this mean that SocialStock will be getting updated soon too?