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How to customise header image (width)
  • Hi, I'm new to PressWork (liking a lot), not new to WP or WP frameworks.

    I am trying to customise the header image, specifically to make it full width on any size screen.

    In practice, that means I have made a header image 1600px wide, which I want to centre.

    Minus the WP complications, that means something like this:
    body {overflow-x: hidden;}
    #header {position: absolute; width: 1600px; left: 50%; margin-left: -800px;}

    I have made a child theme with a style.css and have tried to manually override the width setting of #site-logo (or more targeted, #site-logo a img) but it seems to be somehow hard-wired, it won't budge. I can change the height, for example, but not the width.

  • OK, after lots of trial and error I managed to find a container that would let me alter its width. Problem solved.