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All posts display collapsed on HomePage after WP upgrade
  • After upgrade to latest version of wordpress - all posts on the homepage are collapsed.
    Can someone help me figure out how to resolve this, please.


    Thank you
    Post edited by sasi at 2012-05-24 15:36:58
  • I'm having the same problem. In addition, the theme is ignoring my "Reading Settings :: Blog pages show at most # posts." It's set to 1.

    I have these problems only in Presswork. Everything works as expected when I activate a different theme. Nothing changes when I deactivate my plugins.


  • Good to know i am not the only one. I tried to remove all of my custom actions - and still having problems.
    Furthermore looks like the social icons custom actions don't work properly after upgrade as well - I get an overlay of icons on top of existing ones.

    @isotrope or anyone else - do you have any insights?