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How to have a sidebar/sidebars on Posts/Pages but not Homepage using PressWork
  • Hi Guys

    Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but I couldn't figure out how I might do this in PressWork. I know how I'd do it in a 'regular' WP theme (editing the single.php/home.php file) but as all the PressWork layout seems to be stored in the 'engine' couldn't see how I might do this here (to generate different layout for homepage template and any other), any advice?

    Finally is it also possible to generate other widget areas (e.g. for the homepage) only and then have them be movable in PressWork, just like another (third or fourth, I suppose) sidebar?

    Thanks for your help


    Using PressWork 1.0 and WordPress 3.2.1
  • We are still working on documentation for this, we hope to have it up soon. In the interim @cbavota can answer this question for you.
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  • cbavotacbavota
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    You currently cannot hook into the drag and drop to add custom elements other than what is available through the PW toolbox. That might be something we look into for the future but for now it is not possible.

    PressWork still follows the WordPress template hierarchy so if you want to easily create a custom home page you can just create home.php and drop it in the theme's folder. That will overwrite the default in index.php. Same goes for all other page templates. You can read more about that in the WordPress codex:


    You can also use the WordPress options to set your front page to be a static page instead of the latest post page. That option is under the Settings -> Reading page in your wp-admin.
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