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Presswork cannot enable/disable Drag & Drop Editor when using SSL
  • Using the basic Presswork theme/framework:

    When FORCE_SSL_ADMIN = TRUE in wp-config.php, then clicking to enable the Drag & Drop Editor on the front end sends Presswork into an infinite spinning green circle loop. However, if I then manually type "https://..."; into the address bar, the Drag & Drop Editor enables properly.

    So when Back end = SSL & Front end = No SSL --> Cannot enable Drag & Drop Editor (endlessly spinning green circle on the front end),
    But when Back end = SSL & Front end = SSL --> Drag & Drop Editor enables properly.

    I know one solution would be to use the WP HTTPS plugin to force SSL on the front end, but my customers don't want the front end to be SSL.

    Does anyone have any ideas to try? Thank you!!
  • Forgot to mention, using Presswork

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