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Add toolbox to custom page template?
  • I've created a new page template for a splash page, but in doing so I've lost the Presswork toolbox.

    Any thoughts on how I can add the toolbox to a custom page template? It would make widgetization so much more pleasant. Thanks!
  • Only marginally related:

    I've actually lost the developer toolbox across the other pages of the site somewhere in my development. Not sure if I scrubbed some PHP somewhere, but the "Reactivate" button has not brought the toolbox back.

    If you could lend some insight to my original question, that might help work everything out for me.

    Regardless, cheers to a really awesome framework that's made developing a lot of fun. Thanks again.
  • digibombdigibomb
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    Did you create a child theme with a splash page or add a splash page to PressWork? You should always build a child theme, this way you do not have to make changes to core files, and won't loose any changes when you update the theme. Check out this tutorial on on child theming http://presswork.me/2011/creating-a-child-theme-for-presswork/
    image Co-Founder of PressWork & Senior Designer/Evangelist
  • Ah, I didn't value the importance of child themes until working on this project. I'm unsure how I'll proceed, as I'm about halfway through, but I'll figure it out. I can either back up a few steps and patch in my changes using a child theme, or plow ahead using straight code. Thanks again for creating this powerful framework.
  • I would recommend porting it over to a child theme now, it will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Good luck! :)
    image Co-Founder of PressWork & Senior Designer/Evangelist