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How to Make Front Page Post Excerpts Appear in Two Columns
  • Hello-
    I'm using a PressWork child theme, and want all my posts (except the Sticky(s)) to be in two columns on the front page (and, ideally, on the categories). I'm comfortable modifying the CSS, but not the PHP.
    Also, I previewed my site just now on PressWork, and it's appearing there as two columns. I didn't do anything to the Child theme to make it one, but that's how it is now...
    (Just to clarify, I'm NOT trying to add a sidebar).
    Thanks in advance,
    Post edited by sofiaafsc at 2012-08-29 05:56:41
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  • Can someone help me with this?
    To clarify, when I preview my site on Presswork, I'm talking about how it would look if I were NOT using a child theme...