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Any update on BuddyPress support?
  • It was answered in a forum post not too long ago that PressWork would support BuddyPress at the release of Presswork v1.0

    But I notice that PressWork still doesnt support the integration of BuddyPress at all. Any update on this since BP 1.5 is about to be released in the next couple days? I know they have recently released BP1.5 beta2 for plugin & theme testing before the final release.
  • We have not done any extensive testing. BuddyPress should work considering it is a plugin. The only issue should be styling it. Can you give us more info on what is not working for you?
    image Co-Founder of PressWork & Senior Designer/Evangelist
  • With PressWork activated and Buddypress plugin enabled, all of the BP menu items and content get shifted to the bottom of the page underneath the PressWork footer (looks like a bunch of bulleted simple text links in a vertical list). So BP never gets integrated into the main content area of the PressWork theme. In addition, none of the BP menu items function when clicked.
  • any update on this???
  • Not yet :)
    image Co-Founder of PressWork & Senior Designer/Evangelist