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Are There Limitations to the Numbers of Answers For a Question?
  • cbavota,

    On Nov. 6th I posted a question, and you asked for a clarification on exactly what it was I was trying to do. I answered and have not received a response to your question. My discussion tab shows that question "answered" and I was wondering if that means you and other PressWork developers will only give one response per customer's question? In other words, does your support forum software automatically delegate one answer as a "Completed Discussion" and Archive it.

    (Hint, Hint) I can still use your help for my November 6th inquiry. I have gobs of informational links on my website.........but that doesn't mean that I necessarily understand what each of them means.......I'm in a learning stage: that's why I asked for your help. This is my 1st WordPress website.

    Also, I really like WordPress and your product PressWork. I've noticed that periodically you ban sites from your Support Forum. I don't want that to happen to me; so what customer actions result in banishment.

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  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Just a few comments, and i'm speaking on my own behalf here...

    Using WP is quite straightforward (that's why people love it) but nonetheless, it requires some learning curve.

    Using Presswork is very straightforward as it is (that's why we love it) but nonetheless, it requieres some learning curve too.

    General questions that have to do with WP should be posted in WP forums

    Particular questions with Plugins should be asked to the plugin developer

    Basic or advanced css or layout styling are to be found in numerous tutorials if you google a little and have the desire to learn.

    Short and direct questions about PressWork related themes are very likely to be answered 100%.

    Expecting to get an A to Z tutorial on how to achieve things that only you envision in your mind, is NOT realistic. People that help on this forum try to do their best at helping you, but are not here to do the work in your place.
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  • cestbibi,

    Understood. Thank you for your response. Maybe I'm trying to move too quickly on my own goals. One of the WP Plugins that I have downloaded (Magazine Columns) was actually acquired from cbavota's website. It was originally written in 2009. I was trying find out if it was compatible with PressWork (2011). I'll go back to the forums on that site.....sorry for your inconvenience.