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How About a Viewer Choice for Custom Header Images ?
  • I don't know if this makes sense or not, but I have 15 randomly selected Header Images that a viewer won't know exists, unless he/she clicks each and every navigational tab. I know that PressWork offers a Slideshow BUT, what if there was also available a clicking method where the viewer could choose his/her favorite Header Image to use throughout the site?

    Another reason this would benefit the viewer is that WordPress websites that use WP Super Cache (or similar plugins) could bypass the forced feeding of the same cached image from the Host's server. I've noticed that when I have Super Cache enabled, the same few images keep reloading over & over. Some never show up at all, until I turn Super Cache off.

    If the viewer had the choice to browse the images and then choose his/her preference, I don't think an enabled Cache Plugin would be as irritating to the website owner.

    Could a future Framework version offer this option, OR is this an Option that not enough website owners would want?

    Just some thoughts.
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  • cbavotacbavota
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    Hmm. This does seem to be something quite customized. Not too sure if it would appeal to a mass audience. The only solution to work around the cache plugin would be to use JavaScript to load a random image.
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