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PressWork 1.0.3 on WordPress 3.3
  • Hi all. So as some have noticed, a few things with PressWork 1.0.3 do not work on WordPress 3.3.

    I just found out the hard way. It's NYE and I decided to update my header image which had a lil copyright piece of text in it: "Created by DG & JJ (C) 2011." So i updated my image to "2012" in preparation for tomorrow when I do an update. I post a new comic on my site on the 1st and 15th of each month you see.

    Anyways, to cut a long story short, I was re-adding the header using the PressWork toolbar, and it wouldn't save. It just went away and wouldn't come back. Somehow I did the same to my primary nav menu, and that too went away and wouldn't save when I brought it back. Luckily, prior to finding this out I was using a plugin called Dynamic Headers to show my header image. Which I've reactivated to get my header to show. But now my menu is gone, and I cannot get it back.

    So now I am about to attempt rolling WordPress 3.3 back to 3.2. I found a video that explains what to do:

    So I'm about to give this a go. Wish me luck!

    If it works I will post again and if anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation you may want to attempt this also.
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  • Hey again all. It worked!

    PHEW! I'm back on WP 3.2 and my site is working as it was before today. :)
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Thank you for that @crazyregcomics , for the time beeing, and if you are experiencing problems, I would strongly advise you people go back to 3.2, it seems next release will still be delayed a little bit.
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  • Uggh. I'm having the same issues. The headers, including nav menus, just disappear. They appear to be saved, but in reality they won't show.

    Unfortunately for me, this is a show stopper. Going back to 3.2 is not an option. Please put some priority on making Presswork 3.3 compatible. I really love the theme/framework, but I can't make it work now.
  • That's right...you wrong the answer ! Pls try again...-:)
    Please put out asap is possible Presswork for WP 3.3 !!!
    Publish if is possible a road map for the Presswork Releases.

    My issue is that disappear all that is the Footer, extended, navigation menu and copyright sections.

    You did a great work...don't leave us alone !

    I would like to see paid features, to allow user with "a no code purpose" as an additional feature to the Briefcase, to modify css, page/post layout
    and a "per page" feature for drag and drop design of each page.

    Thank You

  • I ended up customizing a different theme for the site that broke after the upgrade to WP 3.3. But I've still got my personal site on PressWork, and I'm really looking forward to the update!

    Has anyone had any luck with the brand new WP 3.3.1 (released yesterday)?
  • cabe said:

    Has anyone had any luck with the brand new WP 3.3.1 (released yesterday)?

    Nope. The same, header displays height = 0

  • When will the update come out? I don't want to roll back my Wordpress version and I really like the Presswork theme. Please help!! 3.3.1
  • Agreed. Rolling back Wordpress for the sake of Presswork is a poor solution. Plugins and 'on top' software in all applications should always take second priority to the main/original system.
  • I think my only choice at this point is to use another theme until 1.04 update becomes available. If PressWork is better than whatever I replace it with, I'll come back.
  • Rolling back not only fixed the PressWork theme for me, but a couple other plugins were also not responding as they should in WP 3.3. I guess WP made some pretty big changes between 3.2 and 3.3.
  • Hello there everybody, it wasn't an option for me to roll back, so I made this quick and dirty patch so at least we can "add" elements (although deleting one deletes all).
    In the file admin/inc/footer-scripts.php line 177, you should have this:
    $("#"+wrap[1]+"_option").val( main.sortable("toArray") );

    Replace it with this:
    elements = []
    $("#"+wrap[1]+"_option").val( elements.join(",") );

    I'm no JavaScript genius, but this at least allows to add items everywhere.
    (Devs: there seems to be a bug on the clean method of jQuery.ui.sortable)
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  • Hey, it works! It's at least something until the update. Thanks!
  • @tog000 - great work! I just lost elements of my site after updating wordpress, and put in your bit of code and it's saved me! Thanks.