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Is there a way to add Disqus comment system to the PressWork Theme?
  • I would like to use the Disqus comment system. What would I need to change/remove to get it to work...there appears to be a theme interaction.
    Thank you
  • Just install the DisQus Wordpress plugin, It's a no brainer. I'm using it on my site https://socialtotal.com/
    image PressWork Support Moderator
  • I installed Disqus on my PressWork site and had a similar formatting issue when I tried to use the Houdini Disqus theme. But when I changed to the Narcissist Disqus theme, the formatting issues were gone.

    To change the Disqus theme, in the Wordpress dashboard go comments > settings > appearance and select the narcissus theme and hit save at the bottom of the page.
  • I like the way Disqus does things. I believe that a user should have to register for an account and if they want to use their real name or pseudonym, it doesn’t really matter.
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