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New to Presswork -- some questions
  • I had a couple of questions after downloading presswork and working with it a little bit.

    1) how do you use the slideshow widget? I can see it under the widget area, but I don't see how you can select specific posts to use with it. what am i missing?

    2) is there an easy way to remove pw_posts and pw_pagination from the index page? I just want a slideshow and a featured post in the main content area of the index page

    thanks for any help.
  • 1) Drag the PW -Slideshows to the widget area of your choice (right column), and to the bottom of the widget select the category of posts that you want to have displayed in the slideshow.

    2) You 'll have to use custom actions. This is a good read to understand how it works https://presswork.me/2011/custom-css-and-custom-actions/
    You need to remove the actions of the parts that you don't need.
    Use this in your custom actions (this is for PW 1.0.4) :
    remove_action('pw_index_bottom', 'pw_pagination');
    remove_action('pw_index_post_middle', 'pw_post_header', 10);
    remove_action('pw_index_post_middle', 'pw_post_content', 11);
    remove_action('pw_single_post_middle', 'pw_post_footer', 12);

    and you'll be left with what you asked only.
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  • Thanks! So I can only pick the slideshow posts by category, rather than selecting individual posts?

    Also, where would I place those remove actions -- in the index php template or a different one?
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    Yes just assign a special category to them.

    You place the remove actions in your custom actions file, please read the link I provided.
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