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How to Set the Number of Blog Posts Displayed per Page
  • Curious how you can limit the amount of posts displayed on the home page, before you have to go to the "next page". Currently I have 20 posts and they are all displayed on the home page. If I wanted to limit this to 15, how would I do that?
  • You should be able to control that using the standard setting in Wordpress.

    You can find it under Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most #
  • I currently have it set at 10, but there are 20 posts per page. After I asked my initial question, I posted one more, so now I have a total of 21 published posts. Once that 21st post went up, "page 2" was created. So it looks like it's formatted for 20 post per page.

    I'd still like to change it, so anyone have any ideas?
  • cestbibicestbibi
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    PressWork's frontpage number of posts conforms to the setting in the Dashboard related page. Something is getting on your way.
    Read this if you haven't https://support.presswork.me/discussion/169/read-this-before-you-post-a-question#Item_1

    Have you tried another theme to see what happens ?
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