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I'm trying to recreate the following mock -
  • Ok,
    Let's try again....
    I'm trying to recreate the following design using presswork and breifcase….

    you can view my efforts here:

    I'm using release candidate 1.0.4

    In order to do that… I need to know the following….

    1. How can I move the twitter and Facebook icons below logo space. Also how do I get rid of the white bar where the icons are?

    2. If I need to remove that area (twitter & Facebook) how do I do it. It wouldn't delete from the front screen editor even when I left those fields blank

    2. How do I change ONLY the navigation font and the background color of the navigation area?

    3. I tried add the slide show in "top Main content on Index" area and it wouldn't show. So I moved it to "header area" where it shows fine. Problem is.. I don't want the slide show on every page.

    4. How to I manipulate it so that the content margins appear on booths sides of the content. In my attempt to recreate.. the text and the sidebar boxes are flush to the sides of the sites. Manipulating the body content numbers ads a white box around the whole site, which I don't want.

    5. How do I get rid of the black line under the navigation menus and above the footer

    6. Is there a way to use shortcodes in post? I have plugins that let me add stuff using short codes but it's not working with the template.

  • anyone....? anyone?