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Latest Presswork v1.04 don't seems to work well with Postly theme
  • Tried few ways to work this out. Follow every suggestion found in the discussion. But it seems that the previous v1.03 front end editor not working well esp. drag & drop function with Postly. However, the latest v1.04 front end editor drag & drop works well as it installed. But the editor itself somehow not functioning at all after. Nothing respond when clicked. On top of that, all content especially posting starts to duplicate on twice. All this when Postly theme is activated. Latest Presswork however works super fine by itself. So the question here is, why wont the latest Presswork work with Postly? Is it because its not official yet? Any ideas whats happening here. Bug?
  • Some bone head has been hacking my site by exploiting the fact I am not up to date with core. Postly sounds like it is still not updated and compatible with the latest WP. Any idea when I will be able to install and update postly to be compatible with the latest WP? It is time I started making decision about this theme and the support here..
  • So with the new PW 1.04 released. So far it works slightly better w/ Postly.
    But Posting is still being duplicated. That need to be solve big time. i've gone through the Postly CSS & PHP files. Pretty messy. I hope @cbavota you look into this and other paid themes next. After all, we are paying customer here.

    Almost give up with my last posting. Nobody respond. Except for more complaints. I guessed @cbavota you guys are working hard on this. So please now pay extra attention to your paying customer here. Or at least announce something. A freebie something for your paying customer for example.
    Being quiet with your paying customer is not good.

    I know i can further trouble shoot this myself but the whole reason I buy the theme is to reduce my work load. So @cbavota please be mindful of your customers now.

    Looking forward to your reply @cbavota yeah.

  • cbavotacbavota
    This answer was Accepted.
    I will be updating all our child themes in the next few days to make sure they work with the latest release of PressWork.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • Much appreciated @cbavota.

    Actually FYI I just revert to WP3.2. & old PW. To make things easier for now. Btw WP 3.3 seems to have same effect on other drag & drop framework themes it seems. Tried a few same problem. So ya yours not the only one. Its that time of month kinda thing when update is in peril. ;)

    Good job man.

  • Hi cbavota, I am waiting for weeks for updates of postly and edit or new issues and I am still angry about that arturo thing. now working with genesis and looking sometimes on your work status. regards Peter