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Missing Tools in Toolbox
  • I have started a new blog with WP 3.3.1 and Presswork, although I see the toolbox, there are no tools in the toolbox. Presswork is installed as child theme, tools are also missing when I don't use the child theme.

    The Activate/Deactivate button is not visible from Presswork, when I click the "help" pulldown the button is in the help section with help text over it. I am not able to select the button.

    I have followed the procedures you have outlined to troubleshoot the issue. I also have tried it in both Safari 5.1.3 and Firefox 10.0.2 with the same results.

    My other install of Presswork on another site which is working.
  • cbavotacbavota
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    Sounds like you might have a plugin that is conflicting. Turn them all off.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • OK. I have a WP Network and forgot to turn those plugins off. My bad, so sorry.
    Post edited by Allen at 2012-03-09 10:14:16