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how to add "comment" under the blog post?
  • how do i add "comment" under the blog post like on this sample: https://snailbird.com/

    my website https://lizartlizard.com

    hope i'm not asking too many questions on here ;)
  • PressWork has the comment link above the post content on the home page. You need to make sure that your comments are turned on for the whole site and for your individual posts.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
  • i can see the comment link above the post content on my blog page.
    i just wondered if there's a way to make it at the bottom like the sample i showed along with the "filed under".
  • You would need to write some Custom Actions to hook into the post header and the post footer. First you would have to rewrite the header to remove the comment link from there and then you would have to rewrite the footer to add it in, along with the under elements you want.
    image Senior Developer & Co-Founder of PressWork
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