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Animated header on home page and different header for each page
  • Wonderful theme! I just need to have a different header on each page.

    The header on the Home page needs to use an html file that scrolls text over the header image which is 930x390. I used Sencha Animator to make this. The other pages use static images and are 930x260. I am using the WP Display Header plugin to get the static headers.

    I just need to get the Home page to use the larger animated header. The code that I'm using in Header.php is not working (I don't know php very well).

    if (header-main!=="Home") {
    else {
    include '<a href="http://localhost:8888/karentestweb.com/wp-content/themes/presswork-child/headerframenew.html"';
    </header> <!-- end header -->
    Post edited by Karen at 2012-08-25 09:17:12
  • I was using a plugin that allowed you to set multiple headers. It stopped working when WP got updated, so I stopped using it. But it might be something you need. It's called Dynamic Headers. :)

  • Thanks crazyregcomics. I am using WP Display Header that allows you to do the same thing. I will try switching to Dynamic Headers.